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 It's time we change the way we are approaching care for the elderly and disabled.  It's time we embrace those who have shaped the past.

-  Founder, Pat T. Nixon, RN-BSN, CALM-CDP


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Sun, Jun 12  |  Pier 121 Marina

We Are One Heart's Annual Soul Shaker Gala

Improving care for disadvantaged elderly one bid at a time.


We provide affordable senior care housing, living assistance, and resources to low-income seniors and veterans.

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Donate care packages to Seniors living in care homes and make a BIG Difference. 

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Nothing says you care like giving your time.

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See available senior care housing in Denton, TX

We Are One Heart (WA1H) was founded in November 2016 by Pat T. Nixon, RN-BSN, CALM-CDP.  After assuming care for her Father, Pat and her siblings quickly learned that assistance for those who were no longer able to care for themselves was much like a puzzle with several missing pieces. 

Hi, I'm Pat!  Thanks for visiting our site.  WA1H is a small organization with a VERY big mission.  I founded this organization in order to change the way that we are approaching care for the elderly and disabled.  

Far too often, as a nurse, I am faced with the awful reality of the socioeconomic gap among seniors.  Either our elders have done well in planning for the days of decline, we (the children or grandchildren) have done exceptionally well and are able to financially provide for them, or they are left in a gap inclusive of poor care, isolation, depression, and unacceptable conditions for someone who has spent their life loving others.

At the foundation of everything WA1H does is the primary goal... TO SPREAD LOVE... realizing that every situation and individual we encounter shares a heart of our own.  Through God's Love, we are all connected.  

We will provide housing, assistance, resources, and referrals to seniors and veterans of low and middle income classes.  We will work diligently with youth and others to teach skills and develop compassion to shape a future that embraces those who have shaped the past.

This is our story.....

“Bridging the gap between needs and resources for seniors...”


Pat T. Nixon, RN BSN, MBA

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Make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.