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6 Ways to Combat Isolation and Depression Among Elderly People

It is no news that seniors are some of the people that suffer from social isolation the most. The springing up of numerous senior care homes have promised to slow down the rate at which that happens, but the current numbers are still nothing to write home about.

Isolation is as mentally damaging to seniors as it is physical and socially threatening. Pegged as the underlying factor for depression and even immunodeficiency diseases, it becomes important to stimulate different approaches to combating such isolation.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1 Proper Transportation Services

Lack of mobility and transportation is what confines a good number of seniors to their life of isolation. Even though they have the intention of going out and accessing more programs, they simply cannot.

When you make adequate plans for their transportation available, though, they will find joy in visiting more places and spending their spare time in a better way.

2 Pets are Key

Getting your senior a pet can come off as adding to their workload, but you will be giving them something to care about when no one else is around. That gives them a sense of belonging and purpose since they have to be intentional about caring for their animal friend.

Better still, you should also think about how pets make amazing companions and have been confirmed to come with net-positive health benefits too.

3 Community Involvement

Speaking of a sense of purpose, being a senior doesn't equate to being taken out of the loop in the community.

They have enough free time on their hands and would love to help out with what’s going on in their locale. From gift wrapping at the local store to handing out brochures at the theatre or volunteering at the homeless center, the possibilities are endless.

4 Promoting Hobbies

Seniors were not born that way. There was a time when they were young and hip too, and they must have developed a series of hobbies at this time too. Now is the time for them to pursue these hobbies and interests without hindrance.

Do they love to write? Follow sports content unbothered? Learn how to play an instrument? No matter what it is, find out their hobbies and help them set it in motion.

5 Dining Out

If your senior has been socializing and volunteering and all that, chances are that they will have made friends already. Most times, they tend to make friends with other seniors in the community.

Encourage them to dine out with their friends more often.

Here, they can share experiences, discover some new food, have great drinks and just generally enjoy a good time. Better than being socially isolated in every way.

6 Setup Technology

No, technology for seniors should not be limited to their hearing aid and battery-powered wheelchairs alone. They also deserve to enjoy all the conveniences of a smart TV, go on FaceTime to have a nice time, see what is happening on Instagram and more.

This will usually come as something new to them anyway, and they will surely want to explore the depths of it. Set them up too and watch them revel in the technical setup of today which can help to keep them engaged when they don’t feel like going anywhere.

Use these tips to help ease the effects of isolation and depression among your elderly loved ones. If you are looking for a senior care home in the Denton, TX area please inquire about space available at

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