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How Coronavirus Is Affecting Seniors in Senior Living Communities

Not long after the world started having the COVID-19 discussion openly, medical researchers came out to support that the elderly are at a higher risk of succumbing to this disease than others.

However, saying that alone does not take into account how the senior living communities are fully impacted by this virus. Unfortunately, even when elders are not directly infected, the virus still takes a huge toll on their worlds.

The New York Times reports that about a fifth of U.S. deaths due to coronavirus are linked to nursing facilities. Residents and workers fortunate enough to evade infection are left to face the day to day remnants. Fear, anxiety, depression & loneliness only scratch the surface of the many emotions plaguing our elders.

Senior living residents watch and feel as roommates or dinner companions fall ill never to return. Visitation by family members has been suspended. Caregivers are forced to take time away following exposures. Moreover, residents of senior living communities have lost the privilege of communal dining. Now being restricted to dining alone in their rooms.

Seemingly, everything that we've worked for; preventing isolation, addressing depression and encouraging socialization, is perishing fast. IT'S NOT OVER YET!!

Thanks to your generous donations, We Are One Heart Foundation has been able to provide care baskets full of inspiring, and encouraging gifts. From books to soap to back scratchers and more... we have not missed the opportunity to remind our seniors of how loved they are.

With your ongoing support through monetary and gift donations, we will continue to reach out and provide these baskets full of love. Don't forget to donate. Every dollar amount or gift is appreciated.

This is the time to pull together and spread love. Our senior citizens are counting on you!

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